From nano- to mega- living reefs : this system is a completely new way of designing, building, stocking and operating stunning aquariums.

This nano 12 liters MICROCEAN® aquarium harbors 2 cardinals, 2 juvenile clowns, 2 anemones and hard corals (with large and small polyps) as well as soft corals
. it is a closed-circuit system, which  functions, without any filter, air-stone and skimmer. One 24 Watts, energy saving, lamp produces enough light to enable the corals to grow.

This life-size coral patch, as beautiful as those that one can see in Nature, has been reconstructed in 2001 in a 400 000 liters semi-closed circuit MICROCEAN® aquarium. With 3 other tanks it forms the live coral exhibition of the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium of Taiwan: 650 000 liters of pure water.

Address: Parc Coromandel (Emeraude B) 18 avenue Gravier 06100 NICE (France). Contact : here.rtf